The Chinese Masai Mara Problem -> Littering

I got to read this email that was circulated by a man by the name of Anjali who was in Masai Mara during the 2013 wildebeest migration where he got to witness litter left behind by Chinese tourists in the game reserve. He also notes that they even stepped out of their vehicles (which is not allowed by law)..

Below is a copy of the email content. I have not altered anything…———————————————–

I have seen several articles on the Chinese and our wildlife in the newspapers recently, and felt that you may find this of interest. I just got back from Masai Mara last week – I was there for 3 nights.

We were lucky enough to see a river crossing …. But within 10 minutes, a vehicle of Chinese tourists drove up, the tourists jumped out of the car to take closer photos, and scared the animals who stopped crossing.   The law of the park is that we are NOT to get out of our vehicles unless absolutely necessary.   So why is it that the Narok county Council rangers turn a blind eye to this?   I have just had someone post some photos on my facebook page, showing the same thing in another part of the Mara. 

(Photos attached:)

These photos were taken last week on Monday and Tuesday in Masai Mara.   The litter is devastating!!   Look closely at the litter …. It all has Chinese branding on it.   What are we allowing these foreigners to do to our parks? Why?? I felt that the drivers should be responsible for this, but after speaking to several guides and rangers, I have now come to realise that, to save costs, some Chinese operators are using Matatu (city transport vehicles) drivers to take their clients to the Mara.  What do they (Matatu drivers) know about wildlife and conservation?

CCTV have set up their station in the Mara in full open view of everyone within 5 or 8 kms.   Litter everywhere.   Photos attached. How do we put pressure on the Narok County Government to do something about this?   Perhaps implement a fine system whereby the ranger and the County Council benefit? I was truly horrified by what I saw.

Kudos to Ashnil Mara Camp though – once I brought the photos of the rubbish to the lodge manager’s attention, they sent a team to collect all the garbage the same afternoon.   Thank you!

LET’S JOIN HANDS AND WORK AT SAVING THIS HERITAGE OF OURS.   If we allow this to continue – we will have nothing left in another 10 years.

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