South Africa Adventure: Extreme Frontiers Bike Trip

Years ago a man by the name of Charley Boorman took a tour of South Africa that was documented in a 4-part television series. The actor and adventurer experienced the beauty of South Africa through an epic 6000 mile motorbike adventure.

Starting his trip around South Africa’s southernmost coastline he traveled around the whole country, exploring the amazing frontier through Botswana, Mozambique & Namibia and finally finishing his trip with a journey down the West coast of the continent to complete an entire circuit of the South Africa border.

The series took you through a journey of different extremes.  While traveling through the North, my Charles learned how to survive in the harsh and remote Kalahari desert where he found himself living among the bush tribesmen who live there

He also got to experience  the wonderous yet dangerous Sani Pass, where he had to navigate almost impassable roads to reach the icy peak.

At the Southern side of South Africa, he got to drive through the magnificent Garden Route along the coast, plough through the Kruger flora & get to see the wonderous wild creatures of Africa including the amazing wild elephants and rhinos.

As they journeed together with his partner, they got to experience the life of South Africa..its wonders, dangers and history.

Other life changing experiences they went through include cage diving with the deadly Great White Sharks in the rough Atlantic seas to cooking a braai with local residents to celebrate Mandela Day

Charley Boorman said  “I fell in love with South Africa the very first time I came here. The country is one of the most beautiful places on earth: rich in gastronomy, adventure opportunities and fantastic people. I feel so privileged and excited to have been able to return to really explore it further and to spend time with the fantastic people. There’s also no better way to end a trip than with a massive convoy of bikes as we rode into Cape Town!”

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