Suitcase Prices in Kenya | Travel Bags Sale Guide

Are you looking for suitcase prices in Kenya and where to buy them?

We will be looking at the different type of suitcases that are on sale in Nairobi, their features and how you can get one.

There are 3 different types of suitcases that we will look at:-

  1. Three in One Suitcases (Luggage Sets)
  2. Leather Suitcases
  3. Hardshell Suitcases

1. Three in One Suitcases (Luggage Sets)

1.1 Fashion 3 in 1 Black Suitcases


  • Main Material: Fabric
  • Size (L x W x H cm): Small medium and large
    Weight (kg): 10kgs


  • The design of this suitcase might vary depending on what they are selling. In particular , the stripes color may vary from orange, green, yellow
  • Available in 4 wheels 360°


  • Prices start at Starts at 9,849

Where To Buy:

Get this suitcase on Jumia Kenya. Click here to see its listing

1.2 3 in 1 Leather Suitcase


You get a small, medium and large size suitcase with your order. Main material is leather.


  • The versatility of this suitcase combines with the portability offered by the wheels.
  • This suitcase is very durable in terms of its material, has strong handles as well as durable wheels.
  • The largest of the suitcases offers you ample storage for your stuff
  • Material is leather


  • Price start at Ksh 9,900

Where to Buy

Get this suitcase on Jumia. Click here to see its listing on Jumia

1.3 Pioneer 3 in 1 Suitcase

suitcase kenya nairobi


  • This suitcases have 360-degree wheels to allow you to move with them easily.
  • The room of the suitcases are large enough to fit most of your belongings. Ideal for business trips or family vacations.
  • The material is of high quality, is abrasion resistant and sturdy.


  • Prices start from Kshs 11,000

Where To Buy

Visit Jumia for the best deal on this suitcase. Click here to see the listing on Jumia.

2. Leather Suitcases in Kenya

2.1 Pioneer Brown Leather Pioneer suitcase



  • Main Material: Leather
  • Size (L x W x H cm): The large version of the suitcases measures 71 cm by 47cm by 23cm. The medium size suitcase is 62cm by 42cm by 19cm. The small suitcase is 50cm by 47cm by 16cm
  • Weight (kg): 2.9


  • Prices start at Kshs 3400

Where To Buy

Get this suitcase on Jumia. Here is the link to its listing

2.2 Generic PU Leather Travel Suitcase Large-Light Brown

leather travel suitcase kenya



  • The bag has a running zip that lets you extend the space when you want to pack more stuff for your holiday.
  • The stylish finish helps to make sure that you do not have to shy away from rolling the suitcase in public.


  • Prices start at Kshs 5,500

3. Hardshell Suitcases in Kenya

3.1 Hard Shell 4 Wheels Suitcase

hard case plastic suitcase kenya

This suitcase shell is made from hard plastic.


  • Light Weight
  • Four Wheel Spinners
  • Zipper Closing Combination Lock for Security
  • Colour: White
  • Weight: 2.6 Kgs
  • This suitcase has a 4 out of 5 star rating


Prices start Ksh 10,000

Where To Buy

Get it on Jumia. Click here to see it.

3.2 Fashion PVC Strong Suitcase


  • Stylish and modern travel suitcase.
  • Made from strong and durable PVC/hard plastic.
  • Ideal for holiday travel.
  • Large and spacious enough for your belongings


  • Prices start at Kshs 9,800

Where To Buy

Get it on Jumia Kenya. Click here to see it on Jumia

What NOT To Carry in Your Suitcases

These are general guidelines but do make sure that every time you fly into a foreign nation, research firsthand on specific dos and donts that are required of you so that you don’t encounter unnecessary problems.

Below are items that are generally not allowed in your suitcases

1. Flammable Items

This can include Aerosol cans with the exception of limited personal-care stuff that are 3.4 ounces or less ), lighter fluids, flammable paints, paint thinners, lighter fluids, flammable paints, strike-anywhere matches, turpentine

2. Explosive Materials

These include dynamite, fireworks, flares and blasting caps

3. Chemicals

These would include things like tear gas, chlorine bleaches, spillable batteries, fire extinguishers.

4. Self Defense Items

These would include stuff such as mace, pepper spray, martial art weapons, billy clubs etc


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