East Africa Safari Offers

Africa, the continent of vast contrasts! Mara Gates safaris organises safaris to some of the top safari destinations in Africa including Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Uganda as well as multi country tours.

Some of the different types of safaris that we can organise include wildlife safaris, honeymoon tours, mountain climbing tours as well as cultural tours. We are more than ready to help you achieve the type of safari that you envision and are willing to work with you to achieve this.

Mara Gates is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Our tour guides are seasoned experts who understand the African terrain and know how to seek out wild animals in the national parks that you would want to visit

For those that are more interested in beach holidays, we can assist you get the type of hotel or resort that would suit your personal preference. On the left side of this site we have links to the various itinerary offers.

If none of them meet your particular requirements, please do send us an email through our contact us page and we will work with you to achieve your holiday dreams.

Featured Image Credit: Pnoid00 @ Flickr.com

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