6 Captivating South Africa Attractions That You Must Visit

Dubbed the rainbow nation, the 1,222,037 km2 South Africa rests at the bottom of the African Continent. It’s culturally diverse, has natural beauty from its tropical coastlines, deserts, numerous game reserves and first world infrastructure.

Its Africa’s biggest economy and much of its foreign revenues are from international tourism. The country has 20 game parks and scores of sites worth visiting and experiencing. Below are some attractions worth visiting on your South Africa holiday.

1. Kruger National Reserve

kruger national park
Credit: Mozambique Moments @ Flickr.com

South Africa signature holiday destination is the 18,989km2 Kruger National Reserve. Located in Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces it’s one of Africa’s largest game parks. Kruger has six ecosystems with the highest number of mammalian species concentration of any reserve in Africa at 147. It’s also a consummate safari destination with stunning topography home to Africa’s entire Big five animals.

Within it are cottages, bush lodges and tented camps, spread strategically to offer tourists the finest views of the wildlife and the vast Kruger wilderness.

2. Cape Town

cape town
Credit: By DanieVDM @ Flickr.com

To the southern tip of South Africa is the cosmopolitan Cape Town. It’s classified as one of the must visit luxury destinations in the world. Cape Town villas and guest houses that accommodate affluent visitors adorn the Table Mountain slopes.

Also, the Cape Winelands vibrant deluxe wine industry draws connoisseurs who take it while watching the dazzling Cape sunset on the horizons. It has a vibrant night life and classy pubs and restaurants awaiting night revelers.

3. Table Mountain

table mountain
Credit: DanieVDM of Flickr.com

Overlooking Cape Town and Robben Island is the flat topped 1086 meters Table Mountain. To get to the flat top tourists can hike, climb or uses a cable car. It’s suited for rock or mountain climbers interested in putting their skills to test.

Atop the mountain one gets a spectacular view of the Table Mountain Game Park Ecosystem, and the glistening Cape Town beaches.

4. Robben Island

Made famous as the place where South Africa first black President Nelson Mandela was jailed for 27 years is Robben Island.

Today a museum and a UNESCO heritage site, Robben Island has been visited by US Presidents like Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama. Its one of world’s most famed historical destination.

5. Beach Paradise

South Africa is also a beach paradise, white sandy beaches like Clifton and Camps Bay offer beach lovers a chance to unwind and soak up the Cape Town sun. Nearby Boulders beach has a Penguins colony that tourists swim with in the turquoise ocean waters.

Also the Wild Coast offers the adventurous beach lovers a rugged coastline to experience. Further, the sub-tropical weather Kwa Zulu Natal Province has beaches whose waters are warm all year and suited for fun filled family holidays.

6. Garden Route

garden route south africa
Credit: Tom Steiner @ Flickr.com

Garden Route on the Western Cape has one of the highest bungee jumps in the world. It’s the ultimate adrenaline freak destination. Here the dare devils are sent plummeting headfirst a height of 216m while the whole body is harnessed, rather than the traditional ankle harness.

The Green Route also has lush forests ideal for nature walks and hiking. It’s also a sea food “den” as fresh oysters sourced from Oyster lagoons are available for consumption.


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