Wildebeest Migration in Kenya Review

Kenya is one of the greatest places to go for a holiday or a vacation due to the numerous tourist attractions that are offered in this great country. It is a place where one gets to enjoy while at the same time learning a lot about the world and everything that they will see.

Many tourists prefer this country for their vacation because of the great sceneries that are available and the attractions that are there to get first hand experience. There are many great reasons that calls for one to visit this extra ordinary place that people wish to go to.

Image by Pnoid00 @ Flickr.com

Image by Pnoid00 @ Flickr.com

Wildebeest migration in Kenya is one of the attractions that one must see in their safari to Masai Mara. The migration begins between the months of January and March where the wildebeest are able to bear more than half a million calves in number and they graze on the grass of the Ngorongoro and Serengeti conservation areas.

The great number of the herds causes the food, which is basically the grass to diminish at a fast rate and this forces them to move to other plains and woodlands in order to find food.

The herds divide because some move extremely further to the west side and there are others that head to the northwest. This however is not the last time that they will be together because they will meet in the Maasai Mara to start the great migration. This takes them three to four months.

Image by  Mara 1 @ Flickr.com

Image by Mara 1 @ Flickr.com

In the months of April to July, the wildebeests start moving for greener pastures to the north of the Maasai Mara because this is the transition period between the dry season and the rains. Their movements attract a lot of predators like the cheetahs, the lions and also the hyenas making it like a feast for them.

The Mara River is the next water point that they are headed to during this time. It is important for one to get the places where they can have a great view of this time of wildebeest migration in Kenya.

There are a few places like the Serengeti Serena, which is the central place for great viewing, the Grumeti River Camp, the Seronera Wildlife Lodge is yet another great place to have a good view, and the Kirawira luxury tented camp and Moru campsite areas are some of the places that offer great views.

Image by  Stuart Richards @ Flickr.com

Image by Stuart Richards @ Flickr.com

When July comes, these animals start trekking towards the Mara River for their desperation of getting some drinking water and this takes four months to October. These herds need to cross the river so that they can get to the other side where they can get green grass to graze and water to quench their thirst.

Majority of the wildebeests cross the river safely, though there are those that are killed because the river is deep on most parts and the river is also infested with lot of crocodiles which take advantage of the free meals.

The weak ones are the ones that don’t survive. Wildebeest migration in Kenya is one of the world’s most spectacular sights that everyone should consider going for when considering a Kenya Safari.

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Image by  Stuart Richards @ Flickr.com

Image by Stuart Richards
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Image by Christopher Michel @ Flickr.com

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