2 Lions Die After Being Poisoned

2 lions have died after they ate poisoned cow meat in Masai Mara Game reserve. The family of lions, popularly known as the Marsh Pride, were the stars of the long-running and hugely popular BBC series called Big Cat Diary.

They even have their own Facebook page, where the poisoning was confirmed.

Five lions in total have been poisoned. Two are confirmed dead: a lioness named Bibi and one unidentified lion, which has been fed on by scavengers. The three others have been treated. Siena, an adult lioness, remains missing.

The rest of the pride has been accounted for and are under 24-hour observation. Six vultures, which likely fed on one of the dead lions, have also died.

Read more here: http://news.nationalgeographic.com

Image Credit: The Marsh Pride of Lions Facebook Page

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