Scared Lion Runs Up A Tree To Escape Buffallo Herd

Amazing photos taken by a tourist showed a big male lion running running up a tree to save its dear life from a herd of angry pursuing buffaloes in Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya.


These astounding pictures were taken by an ex army official by the name of Charles Comyn, while on a safari trip to the famous game reserve in Kenya


According to his explanation, the buffaloes were guarding a new born calf and probably the lion must have seen the calf and was waiting for a chance to pounce on it but the buffaloes got wind of his intentions.


The buffalos gave chase after the lion and it took off and jumped up a tree to save its life. The buffaloes were not in a hurry and circled the tree waiting for the lion to come down.


After some time the lion got tired being up the tree and desperately jumped and ran off into the bush.


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