Larry Logue Kenya Safari

I think Kenny Lim already responded to your request, reflecting the experience our entire group had
but I thought I would add the following, which reflects my own individual experience.

Our Guide and Driver, Morris, was knowledgeable, helpful and an excellent driver, which made our
safari so enjoyable.

As we were departing Nairobi, I unfortunately left my mobile phone in the van and didn’t discover
that until we were at the gates. We called your director, Agnes Okelloh, and she immediately contacted
our driver, who found the phone in the van.

You offered to drive the phone to the airport, but we were already through customs, so Agnes worked with me to arrange shipment for the phone back to US.

So what I find most noteworthy about Mara Gates Safaris, is not only do you provide great safaris, you also go out of your way to help your clients solve those unexpected problems, like lost phones.

I would highly recommend Mara Gates Safaris to anyone considering a Safari in Kenya.
Thanks so much!

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