Best Time to Go on Tanzania Safari

Tanzania is the largest of East African countries, and is best known for the Serengeti National Reserve where the annual wildebeest migration begins. However, Tanzania has so much to offer, from climbing the Kilimanjaro to enjoying the gorgeous beaches of the Mafia Archipelago, even exploring 15th Century architecture. Here are some great tips to help you plan your Tanzania safari.

Tanzania Weather

The perfect time to visit Tanzania would be between December and February when it is hot and dry making it ideal for viewing birds and the calving season for the wildebeest. The short rains begin in March, but don’t let this discourage you. In fact, game viewing is excellent at this time, and the cool nights are great for evenings out.

April and May are characterized by heavy rains: beautiful panoramas of lush landscapes and dense populations of wildebeest can be seen throughout the Serengeti. However, road conditions become quite difficult due to the rains, but with a good guide and even better vehicle, the trip may just be worth it.

Tanzania’s peak travel season comes between June and October, when the weather is cool and dry. It is the ideal time to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, take walking safaris, enjoy night drives and go whitewater rafting.

What to Do

If you’d like to experience Tanzania at its finest, try discovering some of the numerous attractions that are quite literally off the beaten path. For example, visit the small but stunning Arusha National Park, which is chockfull of birds, forests, lakes and craters. The Gombe Stream National Park is yet another spot that is known for its chimpanzee population.

Do visit the Katavi Plains, where wildlife roam freely in the open plains. You can only get there by flight, and there’s only one camp in the area, but the Plains receive just a handful of visitors every year.

Despite the incomparable beauty and variety of wildlife and landscapes in Tanzania, don’t just spend all your days in national parks during your safari. Bush walks with Maasai warriors, five-star lodging a stone’s throw away from the beach, scuba diving in natural reefs and unforgettable romantic holidays in Zanzibar are just a few more activities to include in your Tanzania safari.

Where to Stay

Each attraction in Tanzania has a range of accommodation, from high end lodges to serene cottages and tented camps. Some of the best places to check include Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Ngorongoro, Serengeti and Zanzibar.

On average, prices range from $30 to $160, but you can get basic lodging for about $12 a night, or pure luxury for up to $600 a night. You could also choose to camp your way through your Tanzania safari, which would be perfect if traveling as a group or looking to save some extra cash on the trip.

With all the variety that Tanzania has to offer, it is always best to find a reliable tour consultant to find the best deals on your accommodation and activities during your holiday. Customize your Tanzania safari and make the most of this amazing country.

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