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Lake Nakuru or Lake Naivasha: Which is Better?

Planning to go on a safari in Kenya and wondering which lake is best to visit between Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru?

We will look at some of the features and attractions of both locations to give you a better idea of what to expect so that you can make an informed decision.

Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is a large, freshwater lake in Kenya. It is the largest lake in East Africa and the second-largest fresh water lake by surface area in Africa.

Lake Naivasha has a lot of tourist attractions that you can visit while you are on your African safari. The lake is home to hippos and crocodiles, and you can also find some of the most beautiful birds in this region.

It is one of the major tourist attractions in Kenya and has been visited by many international tourists. Lake Naivasha has a variety of activities that tourists can do, such as sailing, fishing, swimming and boating.

Lake Naivasha Hotels

The number of hotels around the lake has grown significantly over the past years. The hotels around lake Naivasha range from luxury to budget options like

Lake Naivasha Country Club

Lake Naivasha Country Club is a world-class golf course and resort located in Kenya. It is the perfect getaway for those who are on a safari trip in Kenya.

Lake Naivasha Country Club offers an array of facilities for guests including golf, tennis, swimming, horse riding and more. It also offers a variety of activities that offer a range of experiences from playing tennis with local players to watching the sunset from your private deck.

The country club has been operating since the 1980s and has grown into one of the most popular destinations in Kenya.

Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort

The Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort is located in the Great Rift Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It boasts of an impressive view of the valley and is surrounded by greenery.

The lodge has been welcoming guests since 1985 and offers a wide range of activities including golfing, hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, fishing and more.

The Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort is one of the most popular places to accommodate yourself as you tour Lake Naivasha in Kenya in Africa. It offers a wide range of activities for its guests to enjoy in nature.

It also provides the best golf courses in Africa, as well as other activities like horseback riding and game drives. The lodge offers a variety of facilities including an 18-hole golf course, spa, restaurant and bar, conference center and a swimming pool.

Naivasha Kongoni Lodge

Naivasha Kongoni Lodge is a luxurious safari lodge near Naivasha and its surrounding areas is rich with beauty. It’s also close to Lake Naivasha National Park where you can spot hippos and crocodiles in the water.

The lodge is offers the perfect getaway for honeymooners and family vacations. Whether you are on a business trip or on vacation, this lodge will offer you all that it takes to have an unforgettable experience.

Are there crocodiles in Lake Naivasha?

There are no crocodies in Lake Naivasha. But hippos can be found here

Is Naivasha past Nakuru?

If you are coming from Nairobi, Naivasha is not past Nakuru.

Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru is a shallow lake in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya, Africa. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Kenya, and is also a popular destination for bird watchers.

Lake Nakuru is a shallow lake that lies within the Great Rift Valley of Kenya. It has an area of 38 square kilometers and a maximum depth of only 3 meters. The lake was created by volcanic activity from Mount Longonot, which stands to its east-northeast side.

Lake Nakuru National Park is a protected area in Kenya. It was designated as a national park in 1972 and is home to many species of animals including zebra, gazelle, buffalo, waterbucks and more.

Lake Nakuru Lodge

Lake Nakuru Lodge is a lodge that is located near the beautiful Lake Nakuru National Park. The lodge offers a spectacular view of the lake and has all the amenities you need for your business meetings or personal retreats.

Lake Nakuru Lodge is located only 2.5 hours from Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. It features an outdoor pool and spa, as well as guided walking safaris to see wildlife in their natural habitat.

The lodge offers a variety of activities for guests to enjoy, including game drives, horse riding, and bird watching. The lodge also has a restaurant that serves local cuisine and international dishes.

The lodge has been featured in many magazines and travel guides for its unique location and luxurious accommodations.

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge is a luxury game lodge in Nakuru. It offers a unique resting experience for guests who want to explore Africa’s natural beauty and wildlife. The lodge has been designed with an emphasis on comfort, style, and service. Guests can enjoy their stay at this luxurious game lodge while exploring Africa’s natural beauty and wildlife.

Which is better Between Lake Naivasha or Lake Nakuru?

If your interest is in wild birds, both Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru are great options. Lake Nakuru has the added advantage that it will allow you to see more wildlife compared to lake Naivasha.

You can opt to visit both lakes as part of your Kenya safari vacation. Your visit to both lakes will not disappoint you. Check out my other article highlighting the best time to visit Kenya for safari. Also see my other article on cheap Masai Mara safari packages.

Between lake Naivasha and lake Nakuru which is bigger?

Lake Nakuru is bigger in size

Where are the pink flamingos in Kenya?

You will find them in Lake Bogoria, lake Natron, Lake Nakuru & lake Naivasha.

What time of year are flamingos at Lake Nakuru?

There has been some major climatic changes in the past that caused water levels to rise in Lake Nakuru causing the flamingos to migrate to Lake Bogoria. Talk to your tour operator to give you more recent updates on this matter.

Are there still flamingos in Lake Nakuru?

In the past, water levels at the lake rose drastically causing the flamingos to migrate to other lakes. Its best to contact your tour operator to give you the current happenings at the lake.

Flamingo season in lake Nakuru

In the past, the seasons for flamingos in lake Nakuru changed due to geological issues which caused the water levels to rise causing the flamingos to migrate to other lakes.

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