Kenya & Zanzibar Honeymoons: The Complete Guide


Planning a honeymoon can be tricky. You want to make sure that you find the perfect destination for your honeymoon and that you have enough money saved up to afford it. Why choose Kenya & Zanzibar for your honeymoon?

Kenya and Zanzibar are two of the most scenic places in Africa. They are also some of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world.

Kenya is a country with diverse landscapes and wildlife that will leave you breathless. It is one of the best places to go on safari and it has beaches, game parks, waterfalls, and more.

Zanzibar is an archipelago off the coast of Tanzania with white sandy beaches and turquoise waters that will make your honeymoon unforgettable.

This article will explore some of the best honeymoon destinations for couples looking to travel to Kenya and Zanzibar and offer some tips on how to plan for their perfect honeymoon.

Location Choice For Your Kenya and Zanzibar Honeymoon


Kenya has some of the most amazing beaches in the world. Kenya is a country with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The East African nation has a coastline that stretches for 2,500 km.

There are many different types of beaches in Kenya that honeymooners would love to experience. Some are famous for their white sand and clear waters while others are popular for their long stretches of golden sand.

Kenya offers a variety of beach activities including snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, deep sea fishing and boat cruises. Kenya’s long coastline has a number of pristine coral reefs that offer excellent snorkelling opportunities. You wont have a problem planning your all inclusive Mombasa holiday beach package.

The reefs are home to many species of colourful fish including clownfish, damselfish and angelfish as well as turtles and dolphins.

Kenya’s other honeymoon attractions include wildlife, national parks and game reserves including Masai Mara.

what to pack kenya safari


Zanzibar is an archipelago of islands on the great Indian Ocean, off the coast of Tanzania. It is a popular tourist destination for honeymooners because of its beautiful beaches and coral reefs.

There are a number of Zanzibar resorts are well-known for their luxurious amenities and hospitality. They offer a range of activities such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, fishing, and more. The resorts also have restaurants that serve delicious food from all over the world.

Holiday Accommodation During Your Kenya and Zanzibar Honeymoon

A honeymoon is meant to be a memorable experience for many couples. It is the time when they get to spend quality time together and get to know each other better.

Choosing the right type of holiday accommodation during your Kenya and Zanzibar honeymoon can be a daunting task. There are many factors that you need to consider before making your final decision.

The first thing that you need to take into account is the size of your budget. If you have very limited funds, then you will have to settle for less luxurious options for your honeymoon. On the other hand, if money is not an issue, then you should go ahead and book some of the most luxurious options available in Kenya and Zanzibar.

Kenya Honeymoon Accommodation

jacaranda hotel diani

The first option is to stay at a hotel. There are many hotels with different prices that cater to all budgets. The best hotels offer amenities such as restaurants, bars, swimming pools, fitness centers and more.

Another option for travelers is renting an apartment or villa for their stay in Kenya. This can be a great choice if you plan on cooking your own meals or want more space than what a hotel offers.

There are lots of accommodation to choose from when going for your honeymoon while in Kenya to cater to every budget and taste.

Apart from hotels in the city, you can stay in lodges and camps. These lodges are often located near or inside national parks and offer honeymooners the opportunity to go on safaris and see animals like lions, giraffes, elephants and more up close. Safari lodges often have restaurants on site with delicious food as well as luxurious rooms for guests to stay in.

You can also stay in beach resorts in Mombasa, Malindi and other coastal towns.

Zanzibar Honeymoon Accommodation

There are quite a number of resorts and hotels in Zanzibar that can accommodate your stay during your honeymoon in Zanzibar. Zanzibar has a variety of resorts to choose from. There are luxury resorts, budget friendly resorts and family-friendly resorts. The best zanzibar resort for you will depend on what you are looking for in your vacation.

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If you want to enjoy sun, sand and surf then the best zanzibar resort for you will be one that is close to the beach with a swimming pool and water sports activities like snorkeling or scuba diving. The resorts offer an amazing view of the Indian Ocean and are surrounded by white sandy beaches. They offer various accommodation options including villas, hotels, and apartments

If you are looking for budget hotels in Zanzibar, then you should know that there are many options for you to choose from.

The budget options for hotels in zanzibar are varied. You can find a number of hotels that offer rooms at a rate of USD 10 per night. If you are looking for the cheapest option, these hotels might be the best choice for you. The other options include the budget to midrange hotels which offer rooms at rates of USD 50 to USD 150 per night.

Packing Tips for Going on a Kenyan and Zanzibari Honeymoon

Packing for a honeymoon to Africa can be a daunting task. You want to make sure you pack all the essentials, but you don’t want to overpack or forget anything. Before packing for your honeymoon trip to Zanzibar and Kenya, you should ask yourself these questions:

What is the climate like?

The climate in Zanzibar is characterized by two seasons: the wet season and the dry season. The wet season lasts from November to April and the dry season lasts from May to October. The country’s climate is characterized by two rainy seasons, one in the months between March and May and the other in October and November.

The temperature varies across different regions of Kenya with coastal areas being warmer than inland regions. Temperatures are generally high throughout the year, with average temperatures ranging from 28°C to 33°C.

What are the different types of clothes that I need to pack for my trip to Zanzibar and Kenya?

There are many things to consider when packing for your trip. Shirts, shorts, pants, dresses, skirts and shoes are some of the items that you will need while in Kenya and Zanzibar.

Its a good idea for you to pack light so that you dont have to worry about excess baggage weight charges at the airport. It is also important to keep in mind what type of weather Kenya has – it can be hot and humid or cold and rainy depending on the time of year you visit. Check out more tips on packing for your trip to Kenya.

What are the Best Things To Do In Kenya and Zanzibar?

Kenya and Zanzibar are two beautiful places to visit. They are both full of history, culture and some of the friendliest people in the world.

Best things to do in a Kenya honeymoon

1) Visit the National Museum of Kenya – This is a great place to learn about Kenyan culture, art, history and even see some animals. The museum has a collection of over 6000 exhibits that date back to prehistoric times.

2) Go on Safari – There are many safari companies  like ours (Mara Gates Safaris) that offer trips in  Kenya and Zanzibar. You can do half day or full day safaris where you can see all sorts of animals like elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions etc.


3 Relax at Kenyan Beaches

Best things to do in Zanzibar honeymoon

We can’t cover all the best things to do in Zanzibar in one post. So, we’ll just mention a few that are our personal favorites.

1) Snorkeling: Zanzibar is one of the best places for snorkeling on the planet. It has clear, warm, and calm waters which make it perfect for beginners. You can also find many different types of fish and other marine life. You can also engage in scuba diving activity in Zanzibar.

2) Dhow Cruise: A Zanzibar dhow cruise is a must-do activity when visiting Zanzibar. The dhows are traditional wooden sailing boats that have been used for centuries in this region of Africa as fishing vessels, trading ships, and passenger boats.

3) Visit Stone Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Zanzibar. It’s a vibrant city with many beautiful buildings that date back to the 18th century.

4) Visit the spice plantations, where you can learn about how spices are grown and processed. The plantation offers tours that show how spices like cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and pepper are grown on trees before being harvested and dried in big ovens called “kilns”.

Kenya & Zanzibar Honeymoon Packages

Below is a list of honeymoon packages that cover both Kenya and Tanzania


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